Later on…

It’s been a while.  I’m sure you know how time is precious.  I hadn’t thought to post here more, barring some radical windfall that allowed me a substantial increase in leisure time.

But then, @oliverbruce (marketing manager with Uber, from what I see in his twitter bio) emailed me saying he had a few more transcripts of Asymcar episodes and would I like them and yes very much thank you and how awesome.  Like that.

Almost immediately some inexcusably great long while after receiving them (sorry Oliver! and thanks much), here I am posting them for all to enjoy.

A small word of explanation:

  • Episodes 1 and 2 – anyone want to diff them and sort the discrepancies to arrive at an “official” version?  I’ll post Oliver’s versions so everyone will have both.
  • 6 and 18 are from Koemei.  If anyone feels so inclined to copyedit and format them and label the speakers’ words like what’s been posted so far, feel free.  If you send stuff to mithlond [d0t] stream (4t) gmail [d07] c0m I’ll post it here.  If you include your twitter handle I’ll credit you in the post.
Later on…

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